Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Silver Poo Sculpture in Beverley Hills

Be aware as you drive down, Santa Monica Boulevard into Beverley Hills you cannot help but be captured by this large piece of silver dung. What is it? Is it ART? Is it a metaphor for our materialistic culture of LA? or is it all they above or just silver poo?

Happiness Now! a Battle Cry and a Mantra

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Trippin-The Inspiring Watts Towers

Nuestro Pueblo (Our Town), The Watts Towers by Sam Rodia.
Construction Worker by day and Artist by night!

Ever since I saw the Watts Towers on a lecture slide in my undergraduate Art Survey class, they haunted me. They seemed so mysterious. Was it a sacred site in an urban jungle, I wondered what was Simon Rodia, the artists inspiration and how could he spend thirty four years of life on this colossal Sculpture. It kind of blows me away, his clarity of vision and his mastery of persistence.

Also, Simon was totally ahead of his time as the Watts Towers are completely Up Cycled. The Watts Towers are created from bottles and odds and ends. Rodia transformed others peoples "garbage" into ART. Maybe that is why he called in Nuestro Pueblo, Our Town, the sculptures were really bits and pieces from and of every one in the community. His work was essentially community ART reach. It is also curious, how when the Watts Towers were finished, he gave his ART and his land away.

The Watts Towers our a short trip only around 13 miles from Downtown LA. The neighborhood is unserved and at times could be a little sketchy. It reminded me of parts of Oakland or Richmond, it is really not that bad.

Next to the towers there is quaint little community Art Center. It was cute on the day we went they were having a piano recital. We got to see several community youth nervously play. It was wonderful to feel the pulse of the community.Also,the gallery had some great art exhibiting.

Simon Rodia had a big dream and he made it happen! Get inspired by the Watts Towers, it is definitely worth the trip!

Friday, May 6, 2011

quintessential quotes-travel

"The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller

Snow Monkeys (JAPANESE MACAQUE),Yudanaka, Japan 2009
Check out where the snow monkeys spa! Live Cam

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"What is the best thing on the menu?"

What is the best thing on your menu? This is a Donism.

Since, I met Don eleven years ago, every time we go to a restaurant he always asks this question to our waiter/waitress:"What is the best thing on the menu?" or "What is your signature dish?" or "What is your favorite thing on the menu?"
This inquiry works magic as I have seen that 9 times out of 10, he gets a really tasty meal. I found that this strategy is really useful. Also, you connect with your waiter/ress and you usually get the best food in the house! Try it, next time you sit down in a restaurant. Instead of hemming and hawing about what to choose, ask some good advice from the wait staff who are "in the know."

Speaking of "What is the best thing on the menu?", a couple of weeks ago when I arrived back in LA from my SF intense Take5:ARTbreak Day marketing meetings, we stopped at the Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica for some nosh.The restaurant was booked, so we ate in the lounge area. I, with my paint splotched,brown hoody on, clicked my Keen's and said I am not in San Francisco anymore. The scene was so stereotypically LA. Girls in really, really short skirts with stilettos and boys talking about how many flat screens they had. It really was good people watching though and kind of a culture shock. But we asked our waitress, "what was the best thing on the menu?" and she suggested the sweet English pea soup.
It was the best pea soup I have ever tasted!!!
We will go back to the Wilshire Restaurant; the food is really good and the ambiance is awesome. And we did spot a cool fireplace in the dinning area, amongst all the bling.

The Big Boy image is from our weekend journey camping to Joshua Tree (that is another post). On our way we had to stop for some food and Big Boy brought back nostalgia from my days of growing up in Wisconsin. Don, as always, asked our waitress "what is the best thing on the menu?" and par for the course, he happily devoured the "Big Boy" hamburger.